We are headed to Grace Chapel in the Boston area next weekend.  We are super excited about reframing the Good News of Jesus with a bunch of incredible students in a way the resonates and makes sense for eh world they are growing up in (which by the way = super complex). 
We can't wait to see what God does!  

So we want to invite those in the area to bring out your students for this Friday night thru Saturday evening event - you can find all the details on our Website and just $10 holds your spot until you can pay in full.  That would be fantastic!  So if you are coming with students please register with us online: Registration Boston

Also, if you just want to come without students NO PROBLEM! We have a Saturday youth worker training track that I will be leading.  You can participate in two seminars and eat lunch with us for just 25 bucks  - not too shabby!  If you are coming as a group of adults for Saturday only, please email Vangela at info@generation514.com. Seminar 1 begins at 10:45am, Lunch is at 11:35am, and Seminar 2 will end by 1:15pm.  
We hope to see you there!



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