We are headed to Grace Chapel in the Boston area next weekend.  We are super excited about reframing the Good News of Jesus with a bunch of incredible students in a way the resonates and makes sense for eh world they are growing up in (which by the way = super complex). 
We can't wait to see what God does!  

So we want to invite those in the area to bring out your students for this Friday night thru Saturday evening event - you can find all the details on our Website and just $10 holds your spot until you can pay in full.  That would be fantastic!  So if you are coming with students please register with us online: Registration Boston

Also, if you just want to come without students NO PROBLEM! We have a Saturday youth worker training track that I will be leading.  You can participate in two seminars and eat lunch with us for just 25 bucks  - not too shabby!  If you are coming as a group of adults for Saturday only, please email Vangela at info@generation514.com. Seminar 1 begins at 10:45am, Lunch is at 11:35am, and Seminar 2 will end by 1:15pm.  
We hope to see you there!

Each month we've been working hard to put out teaching curriculum for youth groups that really get below the surface and reaches to the heart of where students are living at today.  

This months on Sexuality couldn't be more relevant!  I know it's so important to talk about and yet at the same time, we as youth workers are afraid to talk about the issue for a variety of reasons:  fear we might upset parents, fear we will give more naive and innocent students bad ideas, fear that it will open a can of worms, fear we will present a judgmental view or a too open of a view -> too may fears - ugh! 
But the worst thing we could do is nothing.  Our prayer is that we as youth workers would engage and help students think through and better understand who they really are and how to live in the world we live in and flourish.  Below is the write up about this months NEXT Curriculum on Sexuality

Human sexuality is a really hot topic to be sure.  It was really a struggle to know how to address this topic, knowing that each church has their own stance on sex, marriage, gender, sexual orientation, etc… So here’s the deal, this is not a pro or anti series, it is a series based on the theology of the sacred.  That each human being is created in the image of God by God, and is therefore inherently sacred and loved by God.

We are also acutely aware that our students, unlike the generations of the past, are exposed to images and messages about their sexuality.  The confusion is rampant and so students are struggling. Period.  In the spirit of allowing you and your team of volunteers to counsel and to speak into their lives about the specifics of a student’s sexual sin, we have tried to carve out a safe space for students of all sexual orientations and gender expressions to learn about their own sacredness in the eyes of God and the sacredness of the “other”.

Our students will wrestle with questions such as:
  • Does what I do with my body really matter?
  • Does the Bible even talk about sex and, if it does, is it out of touch?
  • Does pornography really impact me and my sexual choices?
  • How do I treat someone who I think is living in sin?
When we get down to it, every human on the planet wants to be loved and known.  It is the human condition.  Our hope is that they learn to have wisdom in intimate relationships and realize that sexuality without boundaries is empty and selfish.  Even more than that, we hope beyond all hopes that they will begin an evolutionary journey with Jesus that will transform them by the renewing of their minds and empower them to love others really well.

We strongly recommend that you create a box where students can write down and submit questions as you go along.  It’s very likely they will be addressed at some point in the series, but this way you will know where your students are at in the process and you can tailor the lessons to them.

We are sure you can add to this list.   We also know that there are not pat answers to any of these questions that will satisfy students long term.  The most effective way to answer them is to allow students to experience the truth for themselves through a number of means.  We strongly recommend that the curriculum prompts that include scripture, prayer, and discussion be utilized, but all that is up to you.

One of our foundational beliefs is that the Holy Spirit does the work of convincing.  We encourage you and your team to lean into that belief as well.  Our job is not to argue anyone into the Kingdom or to berate another’s beliefs, but to present better questions, the testimony of people, and the scriptures.

This packet includes:
  • Student Leadership Meeting
  • Four Topical Lessons with Small Group Questions

Click here to read more about it.

I love this picture and I love moments like these. But this is a concert, not a youth movement. I know when you're there, it feels like a movement - crowds of kids, cool lights and music - everyone raising their hands in worship. But a movement is about what happens after an encounter with God - it's about peace and joy and a hope that thrives in the midst of the ugliness and through the mess of life. It looks like tolerance and grace for oneself and for the marginalized, the hurting and the broken. It is literally loving ones neighbor as yourself - It looks like justice and holiness that shocks and offends the religious and draws in the world. It's unity and deep spirited friendship, it's self-sacrifice. 
I think I've just grown tired of the church (and myself) substituting in the illegitimate for the legitimate, accepting the fake instead of fighting for the real. Spending massive money on the show... I'm praying and longing for a real and true movement! Man, I just want to see one!

Now don't get me wrong, I do love a good worship service and I love times of singing praises to God - I absolutely LOVE them!  
But it is all beginning to remind me of Amos 5 - "Spare me your noisy singing— I will not listen to your musical instruments." And of course Jon Foreman's lyrics inspired by this same passage: 
"I hate all your show and pretense
The hypocrisy of your praise
The hypocrisy of your festivals
I hate all your show
Away with your noisy worship
Away with your noisy hymns
I stop up my ears when you're singin' 'em I hate all your show
Instead let there be a flood of justice 
An endless procession of righteous living, living
Instead let there be a flood of justice
Instead of a show."

Don't be fooled, this picture is not a movement! It's a concert.  

So let's pray in a movement. Let's join Jesus in the hard places and call students to join us! Let's follow Jesus WHEREVER he goes! And you know, it's really what students are longing for. They want to be a part of something authentic and transcendent- something bigger than themselves. And fortunately we have a God who is on the move, so let's get our boots on. Amen?

So now I will get off of my high horse and try to humbly take my place in the trenches. And I'll probably post later tonight some really cool pictures of the worship service at the camp I'm speaking at :)

We have gone through so much as a family and as a ministry over this past year.  Honestly, it blows us away and at times has been hard to get our minds around.  Many of you know the struggles we have endured and we have so coveted your prayers, but there has also been much done for the kingdom as well.  Our passion is to reach and develop this next generation - we lose regular sleep over this calling.  This year we have traveled around the country speaking to thousands of students and thousands of youth workers and parents.  We've written youth group teaching curriculum that is equipping students all over the world to make a difference for God’s kingdom in this very complex culture.  We have had a couple of really successful beta-test conferences for students and on the first weekend of February 2017, we will be traveling as a ministry to deliver our first full Amazing Next Conference, which has been designed to reframe the gospel for students and calls on them to come and join God’s passion for this world with their lives.  We couldn't been more excited!

There has been, at times, an overwhelming amount of stress over the expenses of such a big vision, and so we are beyond grateful to those who have joined the team in spreading His good news around the world with us.  Please continue to pray for us as there is much the enemy would like to thwart.  Also please consider joining us with a financial gift that will enable the continuation of the important work we are doing (click here: http://generation514.com/partnership/).  

I’m sure you have read the statistics of students losing their faith, just like us.  But we believe God is raising up this next generation to have a more wholistic faith and live a life on mission, representing Jesus and his reign everywhere they go.  We believe great days are ahead, so please join us in whatever way you can, whether in prayer or through a financial gift, we are grateful for both.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and pray God’s blessing of you and your family.


So, maybe you've heard that I took a job overseeing the youth ministry at a church here in DC - well,  you heard right!  
We're super excited to continue to build our non-profit, Generation514 while having a laboratory to invest into the hearts, minds, and souls of students and youth workers alike.  God is too good!  And this church is amazing with a grand history - one being, it's the church George Washington was a part of... that's pretty darn awesome!

I wanted to tell you that just yesterday our NEXT youth group curriculum came out, and its all about the Church.  we know that students are disengaging from church and from youth groups all over the country, for a variety of reasons - the main one is that they are so busy and they don't see the point or the relevance AND what they do see in the church isn't all that attractive - at least what is being conveyed to them through social media, etc...  They see a group of people who can't even get along with each other let alone be a blessing to the world... this is a major problem and we wanted to tackle it with this months teaching. 

But I have to tell you, I have struggled at times with the same feelings.  But I have sensed  a calling to the Church and to the local church that my prayers have been at times overwhelming for me.  
A while back I wrote this in my journal:

I long for the CHURCH to be a place of grace, love, tolerance, and warmth - and not just to the world, but to each other.  
I long to minister without fear, where God's people are known for kindness and where everyone is fully embraced, especially the marginalized and the hurting.
I long for the CHURCH to be slow to speak, slow to anger, and quick to listen.
I long for the CHURCH to be a place that is fully committed to orthodoxy but also isn't ever threatened by or afraid of questions.
I long for the CHURCH to be committed to robust intellectualism while at the same time embracing  mystery, being wide open to the power and presence of God's Spirit.
I long for the CHURCH to be a place where people experience the warmth of God and where they sense God's pleasure.
I long for the CHURCH to be a people who are fully committed to truth but never at the expense of love.  Truth and love must always go together.
I long for the CHURCH that is more committed to people than programs.
I long for the CHURCH to be a blessing to the world - to be a city on a hill, salt, light, and to be sanctuary.  
My hope is that the CHURCH becomes known to the world for the fruit of the Holy Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control.

The good news is that I am seeing the Church waking up and doing wonderful things in the world.  I'm so encouraged and extremely pleased by what I am seeing in young people and their heart for what God is longing to do in the world and how they want to be a part of it.  But this teaching series is our shot at showing how vital the Church is, what it's called to do, and how they, as teenagers, can play a vital role.  We are super excited about it!  Check it out here.

So, last year we put together the greatest Christmas music playlist of all time here.  Now, I know that it's not quite Thanksgiving, but I thought I'd give you a head start - plus put a little non-political controversy into your life, because I'm sure, there could be some disagreement.  
So there are a lot of great Christmas movies (especially all of those Hallmark Christmas specials), but I'm limiting myself to just 5 films (which honestly, is almost impossible and even caused an argument for me at home =)  
Anyways, here goes:

#5 - Scrooged
This is one of the most underrated Christmas movies of all time and has one of the most fun and moving endings ever.  When I saw it in the theater as a kid I was 16 years old and with my family - at the end of the film the whole movie theater stated singing together the closing song, Put a Little Love in Your Heart.  It was a classic Bill Murray moment and I'll never forget it!  A very cool memory!

#4 - Die Hard
Not a Christmas movie you say?  I beg to differ!  The opening song in the movie is by one of the greatest Christmas acts of all time, RUN DMC =)  
But for me, this has to go on the list!  I not only love this movie, but just think for a minute about this very christmasie plot - Officer John McClane (Bruce Willis) takes on a group of highly organized criminals led by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman), who perform a heist in a Los Angeles skyscraper under the guise of a terrorist attack using hostages, including McClane's wife Holly (Bonnie Bedelia), to keep the police at bay.  What couldn't be more Christmas than that?! 

#3 - Elf
So this is probably the first obvious one on the list.  
I love, love, love this movie and as a family we could and have watched this thing over and over again.  It's just so darn funny!  I actually met someone yesterday who said that they haven't seen Elf yet.  I think that this must be the unpardonable sin!

#2 - Christmas Vacation
For the longest time, this was my favorite all time Christmas movie.  A staple in our house.  I loved Chevy Chase growing up and in this film, he's at his best.  I think this is even my favorite of all of the Vacation movies (definitely better than Vegas Vacation!).  Any way, my dream is to have my home decorated like theirs - too funny!  

#1 - It's a Wonderful Life
It's a Wonderful Life is a 1946 American Christmas fantasy drama film produced and directed by the legend, Frank Capra. This movie is on my all time greatest film list - not just Christmas movie list.  I'll even watch it when it's not Christmas time.  But because of the film, I know, that every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings... so there's that. 

OK, OK - I can hear it now, "Home Alone 1 or 2 isn't on the list??!!"  "What about A Christmas Story, White Christmas, The Polar Express, or Miracle on 34th Street?!"  
Listen, I love all of those movies, and this was painful leaving some of them off, BUT, it's my list =)  
What would be your top five and in what order?   
When we started Generation514 we knew it would be best to have the ministry connected to a local church, but we weren't sure how all of that would work out.  I've always had this sense of call to a local congregation and over the past year have have felt even more strongly about this.   I am convinced that national ministries, who are training and equipping people, need a local expression - a laboratory to try out the things they are speaking about.  It keeps you humble and in touch.  Culture is moving so fast and in a blink of an eye, it just too easy to become out of touch and irrelevant.  So here's the big announcement:  I have just accepted a position at Falls Church Anglican here in the DC area. I'll be overseeing the youth ministry and we are super pumped about this!  So we will continue to build Generation514, but we'll do it while ministering locally to students, parents and youth workers in our region.  
Please be praying for this  transition - as you know, they are never easy.  Be praying for favor and that God would continue to use us in the lives of those we come in cantact with, and in particular at Falls Church Anglican. 
By the way, the picture is of my first day at work (yesterday).  The 8th graders in the youth group wanted to give me a warm welcome by decorating my office.  YES! =)      

We are so excited about the NEXT Curriculum we've been producing all year.  The most recent one is called, The Gospel Reframed.  It's our passion and calling to help students, who are growing up in this very difficult culture, discover the Good News in a fresh and new way.  That the gospel really is good news.  I really hope you check out this stuff - I've been thrilled to be a part of it!  Check out NEXT here.

I wrote an article for a magazine called, Youth Worker Journal.  In the article I tried to give some helpful tips for navigating this complex world as parents.  YWJ also just recently posted my article on their website.  Here's the link to the article.  Hope you enjoy!

Recently I had coffee with a young youth pastor here in the DC area.  He had just started working at his church and he wanted to get off to a really good start.  He asked me this basic question, one that  I rarely hear asked anymore, "So what exactly should I be building so that our youth group is healthy?"  I just walked him through, what I believe, are some things to shoot for that will lead to a wholistic and healthy youth ministry Culture (excluding the obvious programmatic ones like: weekly meetings, retreats, missions, service, monthly activities ...) So here's my first priority -not exhaustive- list:

Build a Warm, Accepting and Loving Culture A new study is hot off of the presses right here concerning this,  but basically students who stay connected to church and faith, stay because they sense the adults really enjoy, like, and accept them - no matter what.  Now this seems like a no duh, but you wouldn't believe what I've heard come out of youth workers mouths about the students who struggle or who are somewhat difficult.  See, kids are asking us, "do you like me?" And ""Will you still like me when I mess up, when I question my faith, or question you?"  And our answer must be a resounding, "YES!"  
Now, I know this a a difficult one - especially for certain types of students - but this is why we rely on the Holy Spirit - not on our own abilities.  It's easy to like students when they like us, or when they "behave", or seem like they have a mature faith...  So the question is, are you building into your ministry culture (and it all starts with the adults) the enjoyment and the warmth of God? Every time a students runs into one of our adults, they must experience the warmth of God, through us.   

Build a Culture of Cared for and Well-Trained Youth Ministry Teams 
It all starts with leaders, both volunteer and paid.  Healthy well trained adults in the lives of students has to be a key priority and its why small groups ministries are so vital.  For our adult leaders, we have a rule that helps us - if an adult on our team is having a busy week and has to choose between attending youth group or a leader's meeting, we'd rather have you at the leaders meeting.  We have to be one, and healthy, and what we are wanting to see happen in our students lives must first begin in us.  I remember Chap Clark telling me years ago when I worked for him in California that any decent and respectable youth ministry volunteer team should have 2 meetings per month (short meetings before youth group do not count).  I know this is a hard one to accomplish in today's world, but I've made it a priority ever since. Here's my rule - don't waste adult volunteers' time - you better make those meetings amazing!  
Here are three goals I have at every meeting:
1. Grow closer to each other (we eat together, share our hearts, pray for each other, play together, etc...)
2. Grow closer to God (open the word, worship, prayer exercise, etc...)
3. Get some training (give them something that they can use that will benefit their ministry to students - think about giving them a binder where they can keep all of the notes your giving them and the information they need like calendars and rosters)

Build a Culture of Prayer
Don't skim over this one, because I want to challenge us for just a minute.  When I say a praying youth ministry, I mean constantly praying across the board.  Prayer is happening everywhere - yes - before a program, of course - at leader meetings, but also in the midst of our weekly regular youth group times.  I travel around the country and I see a lot of youth groups and I rarely have seen prayer taken seriously.  I have rarely seen a youth ministry truly teach students how to pray or encourage regular  prayer times, or even to come up front or whatever to receive prayer.  Kids today are more stressed out than ever before and they desperately need to experience God's life-giving presence.  Heck, one of the markers of the fruit of the Spirit is peace - they are desperate for peace, yet we rarely provide opportunities for them to pray with a leader or, even better, empower them to pray for each other.  Why? Because lets be honest, we don't value it (at least enough). 
The students in our youth group starting a thing called, Prayer Posse.  One kid would go pray for a friend, then the two of them would go pray for another friend and then on and on they'd go slowly growing this huge prayer posse.  I loved it and they would do it in the middle of worship or at the end of a talk because we left room and space for it in our regular programming. A healthy youth ministry is one in which students are regularly being taught how to listen, interact, and seek after God - and not just for themselves, but on behalf of others.

Build a Culture of Thinking Students 
What I've discovered is that kids thrive in certain environments - but be careful because it can be deceiving.  Let me explain.  At camp or on a mission trip the gospel resonates and makes sense to them.  They hear the gospel being preached and they see it being lived out and it all begins to sink in.  But when they leave that environment and are in a completely different environment, where people around them are cynical of the faith and are making intelligent and thoughtful arguments, well, that too clicks for them and can make a lot of sense.  Its one of the reason why students struggle in college.  What we have to be working on is teaching students how to think, not just what to think.  Now this requires trusting the Holy Spirit in their lives - but we must prepare them so that when they hear things that are challenging to the faith, they don't just immediately buy it (or reject it without a thought) - but we are preparing them to go through a process of finding the truth in whatever is being said and disregarding the lies.  This is a messy way to teach for sure, but what we've been doing is no longer working - maybe it never worked.  Question based teaching is key.  Want help for that?  Click here

Build a Thriving and Empowered Student Leadership Culture
This has become a lost art in youth ministry.  In fact, as I've traveled around the country I rarely see student leadership teams at all - and the ones I do see are really struggling. I get it, kids are super busy, we really don't know how to use them (besides worship band and tech teams), and often the "big church" does not support integrating them into their regular services.  
A couple of thoughts here though - youth ministry MUST be about developing and empowering students.  If we are not doing this, then we are failing!  Go to a local middle or high school - students are running the place.  Go watch a play, not a single adult is performing or running the sound or lights or...  This, I believe becomes the most important thing we can do - if there's no time for student leadership, then cancel youth group and just develop students.  Students are tired of siting and watching and if students don't see a need to be a part of the church - if they don't see a way that they can contribute or play a role- then they will soon discover (and many are) that there's really no reason to come to church at all.     If you have any questions about this, let me know - I'd love to help. 

Build a Parenting Ministry  Culture
Most youth pastors get out of and quit youth ministry before parents actually start listening to them.  You know, why would a parent listen to someone who has never raised a teenager before?  I've found that the sweetest part of my youth ministry has been in recent years because parents are actually showing up to parent meetings.  
YES!  It's the best!  
I remember my first parent meeting ever - 2 moms and me... ugh!   The most successful parent meetings have been training events done monthly during youth group.  This was a huge success - and parents wouldn't miss it.  I spoke but I would also bring in experts to speak on relevant topics.  This has to become a priority - we know that parents are the number one influence in a student's life - so let's help them.

A Serving Presence on Local School Campuses
I've written about this extensively in a chapter of my book, Youth Ministry in a Post-Christian World.  So I'll be brief.  Don't try to get on campus to promote your youth group (under the guise of meeting your students' friends) or even to visit your students on their turf.  Just be a blessing and a serving presence.  Go to the office, fill out a volunteer application and start serving.  If you read my chapter on this you might discover that this very likely could open amazing doors for you.  It will also provide more roles for your students leaders to begin to serve at their schools.

Build Connectedness with the Larger Church Body
Just this past week a youth worker told me that they were going to start a high school meeting during the main service.  So the high school students are no longer going to be worshiping with the larger church family.  It's really too bad because it seems that study after study shows how vital it is that students are a part of an intergenerational group of people - that their identity comes from being a part of this diverse group who are being salt and light in the world together.  This particular church has really youth friendly church services, so I am not sure of the reasoning.  But the question is, how do we connect students to the larger church family? We have to answer this. 

Build a Culture of Continued support for Post High School Graduates
We know that students struggle when they go away to college 
- so here are a few things to  try:
1. Get a volunteer team to focus just on supporting and ministering to your graduates (this must be their sole focus, so that the ball doesn't drop).
2. Contact a college ministry that your students are attending and get them connected.
3. Have activities, services, and meetings for when they are home.
4. Involve them as youth leaders. 
5. Make sure that are serving somewhere.
6. make sure you do number one on this list =)  

OK, so here are just a few things that can help build the kind of culture that will create health in a wholistic way.  Please remember, this is a slow build - be patient with it and with yourself, because as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day :)